Recycled Rock N Roll

Recycled Rock N Roll

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rumble King TONIGHT at the Hip Kitty in Claremont - Music

        I've been fortunate enough to interview Rumble King several times over the years. I actually know Aaron Deily, the lead singer and piano player for the band, back from when we both used to hang out at Rose's Caffe Luna in Rancho Cucamonga.
        They are playing tonight at the Hip Kitty Jazz & Fondue Lounge in Claremont. Hell, yes.

         It is a freakin' miracle of God that you only have to pay $5 to see this band tonight. They've played everywhere, including the legendary Derby Club (now closed) in Los Angeles, and now the band is going to be performing right next door in Claremont...a town that has all the fun of L.A. without the hassle of trying to find a place to park.

        The Inland Empire has been finally receiving the attention it deserves for the region's contributions to the punk, swing, rock-a-billy and hip-hop scenes in California. If all the other bands out there are boring you to sleep, Rumble King is guaranteed to give you a good punch in the ears to wake you up.
        A previous interview with Rumble King that I wrote for Inland Empire Weekly can be found here.
        By the way, the article from Skinnie Entertainment Magazine re-printed below mentions One For the Road, a swank album in it's own right, but since then the band has released American Juke, another fine creation for any collection, which you can find right here.

Rumble King Rocks!

        When swing became a cliché in the 90’s the posers packed up and left while the real animals kept rumbling in the jungle. Swing today isn’t exactly hardcore, but it’s underground and the people doing it are doing it for real.

  Rumble King are the real deal and their latest masterpiece, One For the Road, is the third record in a series that only gets more refined as the band rocks on. But Rumble King is more than just a swing band…they are a final distillation of all that is good from what inspired them when they formed in 1996: blues, rockabilly, punk, and, of course, rock and roll.

  Lead singer, pianist and de facto voice of Rumble King Aaron Deily uses a term that needs using…live music scene. There was a time when you couldn’t download music, burn a cd, listen to an iPod or even pop a cassette tape in a stereo, when people had to go to where the music was, the bars, the clubs, that juke joints and the beer stained blues grottos, and that’s where Rumble King can really swing.
        The video of the band performing on their page at almost catches that spirit, with all of them dressed to the nines, hair slick and perfect, wailing with the sax, the piano, the guitar, the tenor, the bass and the drums in a crowded night scene that reminds you that swing is here forever and live is where it’s at.

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