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Recycled Rock N Roll

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Barbara Gray - Comedy

One of the most intelligent, hard-working, funniest professional stand up comics working in Los Angeles, California. That's Barbara Gray. She's written the perfect Hollywood stand up comic joke. It's about surviving a break up and going out on a new date at a local restaurant. It also reveals a personality to the audience any casting director would love to see in film. I won't give her joke'll have to find it yourself...just trust me. It's a funny story that combines genius, heart, soul, talent, character and comedic logic into one single ICBM of a joke. Any stand up comic who wants to make it in Los Angeles should study her career with admiration and wonder. I enjoy interviewing comedians. It's an honor to contribute to their success.

Barbara Gray started doing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles back in 2008, shortly after studying film at the University of Utah. “I was obsessed with comedy. I wanted to be in L.A. and do it. I threw myself into the scene doing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade.” After performing stand-up at a local open mic, she was hooked. “I completely went headfirst into doing stand up and have been doing it every day since then.”

Gray has been performing for audiences throughout her life. “I had done a lot of theater growing up. I have an incessant need for attention. As I get older I realize how much attention I need to survive. I used to feel bad about it, but it is who I am.” Why does she do stand-up comedy? ”It just felt right the first time I did it. I was meant to do it. It is cheesy but making people laugh is incredible. It is a weird, physiological response that tickles your brain. I love getting this weird noise out of their body. It is amazing to be able to do that without touching them physically.”

The young, gorgeous comedian has already appeared on critically acclaimed shows like Viceland’s “Flophouse”, Hulu’s “Coming to the Stage”, Comedy Central’s “Deadliest Chef” and has been a writer for the hit show, “Billy on the Show.” Success has been sweet, but for Gray the real award is getting better at making people laugh.” I feel like I’m getting better. I’m pushing into the next phase. I’m willing to go up there and just see how it comes out. I can go up onstage and trust myself. I can talk about anything. I am getting good at comedy and that is its own reward.”

Sauce is a stand-up comedy show organized by Gray featuring cutting-edge comics performing in the back room of a real-life pizzeria, every Friday night at 8pm. “I really feel special to have that show with my friends.” One of her friends discovered the place and told Gray about the opportunity to host a show there. “They had not even been open a year yet.” DeSano’s Pizza, located at 4959 Santa Monica Boulevard, was a perfect venue for the group. ”The owner seemed interested in us bringing new business. The pizza is really great, I have it every week!”

Lady to Lady is a podcast featuring Tess Barker and Brandie Posey, two friends and comedians that have been performing longer than Gray. She describes the show as, “Pee-Wee Herman mixed with The View and David Lynch.” “The podcast has taken off,” she says. “We’ve been doing stuff with Comedy Central.” The three comedians bring on a guest, usually a woman but men have been on to, who are usually performers like musicians and other stand-up comics. “The live show is a parody of a talk show. We’ve even hired a real Oprah impersonator to take over the show,” Gray says.

While she has had fun with cannabis, Gray warns that self-control is the best policy. “I used to be a big stoner, but it turned on me at some point. I had to pull back a lot. It kind of gave me panic attacks. You have to be careful with it.” She’s glad that the medicinal plant is becoming legal in more states throughout the country, because she’s met people with genuine ailments who have benefitted from its use. “There are so many people who need it,” she says.

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