Recycled Rock N Roll

Recycled Rock N Roll

Thursday, June 13, 2024

L.A. Underground Hip Hop Veteran Blu Collaborates on COLAMP - Music


    COLAMP is a shortened, blended, slang of "Cold Lamp," which is itself a reference to the single "Cold Lampin' With Flavor" by the beyond legendary Public Enemy. To "cold lamp" is to, well, listen to the song and decide for yourself. Like many lyrics composed by Flavor Flav, the term is open to interpretation. I see it as a combination of staying cold (Flavor Flav is in a vehicle with air conditioning when referencing the song), chilling out, being aware, and looking good. 

It did. They couldn't. 

    Blu blew up with his 2007 album "Below the Heavens," where he teamed up with Exile, a producer you'd better recognize. Now his team includes COLAMP, Katie Burke and Relic Fox, who is also a member of KDT's band ElephantBird. The end result of this proud partnership is "Buggin." It's a solid impact of single, featuring the audio explosion of talent you can expect from such a combination. There will be a YouTube link to the single after this blog post. You'll notice there is animation to go with the video, a visionary choice that gives "Buggin" a timeless, endearing quality. 

Still playing, performing, composing and creating. Good talent doesn't quit.

    The information isn't about to end. COLAMP is Emcee Nathan Nice, producer KDT Produced It, and DJ's Arbs & Breeze, a band of serious music professionals described as a "modern Golden-Era hip-hop group" by magazines that know what they are writing about. "Buggin" doesn't just have Blu involved, as mentioned before artists Katie Burke and Relic Fox also showed up to party, making the single a piece of history you don't want your ears to miss, courtesy of Veronique Records.


    "Buggin" is a song dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Month and all the people who suffer from mental disorders that are trying to live their lives without being victimized or being seen as victims. Societies have stigmatized mental disorders for centuries, and even today people with such problems are perceived as being dangerous, pariahs, or worse. Institutions imprison, drug and torture patients instead of rehabilitating them, and the streets are populated by homeless people with psychological trauma that should have been helped a long time ago.

KDT looking cool, confident, good and ready. 

    KDT's own mother took her own life in 1983 because of her personal mental illness, and the artist himself deals with having a genuine bipolar 1 disorder. This gives the song "Buggin" more personal personality than your typical rap song bragging about money and power. Blu's rap shares his experience dealing with a short term mental health difficulty that hurt him in the past, while Nathan Nice delivers a moving rap sharing his perspective as a good, close friend who is trying to help. 
Blu's rap lifts "Buggin" to a new, sentimental level with skill and respect.

    If "Buggin" is any indication, KDT's next production TAPE is going to be an album necessary to any proper collection. He has chosen winners for the dream team on TAPE, which features Anacron, The Lvxes, Ill Se7en, DJ Gilatine, Drew Anthuny and Life Rexall. Check out the song on YouTube. Enjoy the animation. It's all well worth hearing/watching, and the cause it's supporting is good indeed. 

Friday, March 29, 2024

Tigers and Flies + New Released Four Song EP = Unexpected/Brilliant Fun! - Music

Meet the (newer, bigger) band!

A new EP is more than just a single. It's a promise. "More music is on it's way, enjoy this sample for now." There's a collector's quality to EP's. I own some from punk bands that were friends of mine back in the 90's which haven't even been pulled out of their plastic wrap. Any small collection of songs from a skilled, inspired musical group is precious, like a diamond from a mine.

Tigers and Flies have five people in their post punk, slightly funk, entirely original band and you can hear it. There is more sheer sonic energy in the performance. A brass section replete with trumpets and trombones does that. People like me don't use the term "ska" lightly...the band isn't confined to that genre...and the ska-type sound gives them more options, leading to fresher, more entertaining audio fare without the slightly limited onus of, well, you know, being a ska band.

Tigers and Flies kicking ass (acoustically) with brass!

Something to be aware of while enjoying these new tracks is that the group released the EP themselves. This means everything you hear on the splendid new creation Tigers and Flies composed is exactly what they wanted, free from corporate control or unnecessary, profit obsessed interference. They are proud of their punk rock Manchester, UK roots, including the creative freedom that city's music scene espouses.

"Adaptive Release" is the first song. The band could certainly start a show with this one. The opening has an adventurous quality leading to a punk beat and riotous vocals. Listen for the little touches background instruments bring to this piece. They are easy to miss. Detailed musical flourishes like that reveal some real composing genius.

Following is "Margate Itch." This took three good listening sessions before I could describe the song. The brass wails as the beat keeps the pace nicely. An inventive bassline holds it all together. Solid guitarwork and confident drums keep you interested throughout. The vocals are particularly cool, too. It's surprising to find a rock singer who understands variation, making the third song as smart as it is energetic.

A band so damn happy it's infectious in a fun, not medical way.

The next track, named "Compact Risk," is different than the others in many ways, including vocalizations that jump from conversational to serenading. The POV of the songwriting makes it stand out, as well as an opening that avoids the usual drum or guitar playing for something more original that ends up being a satisfying leitmotiv. It's not just a few minutes of music...the song's a journey for your ears.

The finale from the EP is "Walk in a Straight Line." This song is complicated in a fun way. Expect an audio odyssey with this one. It's hard in places, progressive in others, riotous by the end, with a punk party atmosphere worth hearing many times. The new brass instrumentals propel the piece after a strong start thanks to a jaunty beat complimented by soaring lyrics and clever guitarwork. Don't let the funky bassline distract you. It's a deep song, with poetic power.

My humble advice is to get your ears acquainted with the EP Tigers and Flies created for experienced fans and new listeners thanks to Nervous Entertainment ASAP. Good, honest music is as rare as a red emerald in these chaotic times. Your ears deserve the best. Without them, what would you listen to? Nothing. Give them the kind of songs collector's covet. The new EP by Tigers and Flies qualifies. The release date is 05/04/2024. Don't forget it.

Behold, the new EP in all it's glory!

Here is their facebook can find out more about Tigers and Flies if you peruse it. 

Follow them on Instagram. It's more fun that not following them, which can lead to boredom. 

They are also active on X. Check the band out there, too.

Their last album, Among Everything Else, can be found at this site if you follow this wonderful link.

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Friday, August 25, 2023


The critics agree, THE VEIN is for thee!

Hello everyone. I hope you are happy! Welcome to the world(s) of THE VEIN.

Here is the hyperlink to our website. We paid good money for it. Enjoy:

Our Kickstarter is now officially live! Now you can help good win by donating to a cause greater all of us, get free swag, and receive a copy of THE VEIN with alternative art nobody else has ever seen. Oh, what a wonderful world! Check it out:

T getting frisky with the enemy.

What is THE VEIN about? It's a science fiction, body horror comic book about a young man named "T" who merges with an extraterrestrial, outer dimensional entity (known as "The Tentacles") due to an unfortunate scientific accident outside his control thanks to advanced technologies beyond his understanding. 

T gains powers, including the ability to travel to other planets and dimensions, and learns about worlds far more technologically advanced than Earth while fighting demonic entities, dealing with alien intelligences, or just learning to live with The Tentacles while trying to return home. They spit acid! They can kill at will! Plus, more importantly, The Tentacles really enjoy old skool American theater showtunes. Who can blame them?

T uses his powers. 

THE VEIN is more than just the story of T, a young man with body dysmorphia possessed by an alien entity granting him powers that go beyond mere mortals, it's also about his friends!

APRIL AYERS is T's best female friend, helping him out when others won't. She studies quantum physics with an occult twist.

FABIO is T's best male frenemy, a real knee biter who'd bully our hero in a polite social setting forever, if it wasn't for April.

A comic for you, freaks and me too!

UNCLE BOB is T's mean uncle, teasing him unmercifully with his gargantuan vocabulary (even spelling bee champions can be jerks) and antagonizing attitude. Can't a kid going to community college get a little respect?

BLUE BALL is a severed head in a jar that speaks. Good times!

Buy the comic book and take a better look. 

LOXXANA is a scientist on another planet a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (spacetime is funky like that) pulling the strings, and the biological dendritic connections, to make people do what she wants. What is this mentally superior, technologically terrifying, matriarchal mastermind really up to?

THE GREAT MUTATO is a hovercycle enthusiast with a penchant for egomania, kidnapping, violence, weapons, vehicular manslaughter, any kind of manslaughter, antisocial tendencies, and telling you on Friday that your paycheck isn't going to be ready until next Monday...yes, he's THAT evil.

T and his fun, happy, brutal friends. 

THE TENTACLES...Peter Parker had his spider. Venom had his symbiote. VAMPIRE HUNTER D had his talking hand. I had acne in high school (it totally sucked phalluses). D'Artagnan had THE THREE MUSKETEERS. THE THING had The Thing. THE BLOB had The Blob. What if amazing mutant superpowers came with a price, three heads, and a penchant for singing showtunes? You'll find out!

Now that you've learned about the comic book, meet the rest of the team behind THE VEIN!

The Main Man, the Head Honcho, and creator of THE VEIN!

DAVID LE COMPTE started getting into comics at a young age, THE X-MEN and BATMAN cartoons from the 90's were his doorway into comics. His family couldn’t really afford buying them though, so for a long time he only had three: A Chris Clairemont / Jim Lee issue of THE X-MEN, A Barry Windsor Smith WEAPON X, and an issue of 2001 by Jack Kirby. 

Eventually he got old enough to work and he spent most of his money on comics, and most of his free time trying to figure out how to draw comics. After high-school, he attended the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. 

He eventually found his way to San Diego, California, where he began a career as a graphic designer which turned into a career in front-end software development. He has published 4 comics independently: MISPLACED EYED, ELECTRO BEETLE, PLAN R, and ROWS OF LIGHTS. 

Hans Fink. Creative Editor. Humorist and Artist.

HANS FINK was either born or hatched some time ago when he was young. His parents are giant big-brained nerds with large personal libraries. Hans learned art from his maternal grandmother, and hilarity from his paternal grandfather. He spent some of his formative years growing up in a family owned graphics shop, where he discovered his love of comics books. 

The mind of Hans Fink is better than geniuses think.

As a young child, he could not stop reading comics and drawing his own. Somehow Hans went from this to becoming Editor-in-Chief of SKINNIE ENTERTAINMENT MAGAZINE. During his career in entertainment journalism, Hans also contributed articles and images to various publications such as CULTURE MAGAZINE, MUSIC CONNECTION, PASADENA WEEKLY, IE WEEKLY, and others. 
Hans eventually met a wild artist and horror-enthusiast named David Le Compte, who promptly hired him to color THE VEIN and provide additional art & design as needed. To this day, Hans is a big fat fucking nerd who makes comics, does Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (not the Japanese version), pets cats, and smokes all the weed.

When genius meets advertising results ensue.

That's it on THE VEIN for now. If you are interested in contributing art, ideas, and even writing for our comic book, contact us! This comic isn't just for the entire world to's also for you!

Finally...please give to our Kickstarter. You'll get incredible swag, enjoy a storyline not endorsed by a sold-out, corporatist Hollywood industry, and support independent writers/artists who think like you do. One day, if we are all successful, you'll see THE VEIN on streaming services like INVINCIBLE or TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES too!