Recycled Rock N Roll

Recycled Rock N Roll

Monday, October 3, 2011

REL!G!ON, P.Genz and Christian Tessier - Music

Hayden Baptiste is a hip-hop music producer operating out of Vancouver, B.C. who goes by the handle REL!G!ON. The young producer began his career in Toronto as an actor and filmmaker before relocating to Vancouver to explore music. When an artist finds REL!G!ON, the results are certainly empyrean.

The producer and musician has worked with artists such as Moka Only, Planet Asia and Chuck D. He doesn't drown a song in a glossy sludge of overproduction. Instead, he knows how to enhance a work, using technology to imbue a song with greater dimensions of sound and expression. 

While Canadian hip-hop is at times as parallel to it's American counterpart in artistic intent as west coast and east coast hip-hop can sometimes be, the branches all grow from the same deep roots.

REL!G!ON understands this, which is why his company, Wandering Worx Entertainment, has survived and thrived in an industry as harsh as any South American jungle.  

REL!G!ON's recent collaboration with New Jersey's P.Genz and Vancouver vocalist Christian Tessier, "High Off Music," will win you over if you've never been lucky enough to check his work out before. P.Genz is not only influenced by contemporary hip-hop legends Wu Tang Clan and Big Daddy Kane, he's also into the Bee Gees and the Temptations, giving the body of his work some serious funk soul. 

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