Recycled Rock N Roll

Recycled Rock N Roll

Wednesday, November 27, 2019


"UNGAZILIBALI (Don't Forget Yourself)" is a beautiful, poetic paean about hope, healing and unity at a time when such a message is needed most. In response to women throughout the country suffering from abuse, this single is a majestic, soulful song that has brought together five very talented artists, like fingers, to make a fist for the women facing oppression and violence in South Africa and anywhere else where positive spirituality is needed against political oppression. While traditional records labels can choke out some promising musical genius, digital distributors like Platoon are helping to get female creators the attention they've earned and help worthy causes while doing so.

In honor of Women's Month in South Africa the five most popular musicians in the country combined their energies and unique talents to bring up the hopes of women with an appropriate anthem. Ami Faku, Bonga Kwana, Msaki, Zolani Mahola and Eryn Allen Kane are all elements in a synthesis from across the planet that certainly captivates. "The magic happens when there is no agenda and you're not trying to force're just trying to make magic...and I think that is happening. The world should hear it," says Platoon's Co-Founder and CEO, Denzyl Feigelson, about the collaborative effort.

Platoon, a music company straight out of London, UK (as well as Cape Town, South Africa), has provided independent, unsigned, alternative artists like the ladies responsible for "UNGAZILIBALI" with a chance to reach out to listeners without going through a stifling official corporate record monolith. They not only have mighty musical mavens like Mr. Eazi, Maleek Berry, and Raleigh Ritchie, Platoon is also sponsoring artists that have gone onto major labels like Billie Eilish and Stefflon Don. "All these amazing artists who make records that aren't of interest to labels would be able to find an audience directly," says Feigelson. "We believe that artists do their best work when they have creative and economic freedom."

For the women who created the single, the project wasn't just business, it was personal."It's really special because this is something you can only accomplish when there are five women in the room. It's a very unique way to write," said Msaki, who is also a composer and producer. Singer Ami Faku added, "This is for my future daughter to tell her that I believe in her and trust her, and that she shouldn't be putting my fears or experiences upon her own life." Zolani Mahola, a singer that brings her own unique empathy as well as energy to the work, adds "This world is deeply in need of our particular energy and our particular voice."

Bonga Kwana (aka Nokubonga Kwana), a self-taught poet, singer and songwriter, reminds listeners of the song's motivational message: "People should take care of themselves." Eryn Allen Kane, a musician from Detroit, Michigan who has collaborated with Prince, definitely knows how to work with the best and heal hearts at the same time. "We're all bound by certain things, but music was the thing that completely freed me," she says. "We have a special mission here on earth as any creative, especially as a female...and there are waves that we are tapped into that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of...this world is very deeply in need of our particular energy and particular voice," says Zolani Mahola.

The single is a combination of English and Xhosa, a language native to South Africa. If you had a bad day and got mood poisoning, this is just what the ugqirha ordered. As deep and powerful as the sea, the song propels you like a whispering tide to a paradise with words. The five sing together, voices flying away, drifting back, spellbinding you with traditional rhythms and old, old, old skool beats. Each artist has a place in this single where they shine out, and when their voices soar together in unison, you can only feel good again.

What's next for these fine female musicians? Although each artist is occupied with their own successful careers, any successful collaboration like the single "UNGAZILIBALI" could potentially create an opportunity for more magic. Platoon has the platform for it, and Denzyl Feigelson knows how to deliver a hit that raises awareness at a time when women like Ami Faku, Bonga Kwana, Msaki, Zolani Mahola and Eryn Allen Kane around world need sincere support the most.

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