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Recycled Rock N Roll

Friday, March 29, 2024

Tigers and Flies + New Released Four Song EP = Unexpected/Brilliant Fun! - Music

Meet the (newer, bigger) band!

A new EP is more than just a single. It's a promise. "More music is on it's way, enjoy this sample for now." There's a collector's quality to EP's. I own some from punk bands that were friends of mine back in the 90's which haven't even been pulled out of their plastic wrap. Any small collection of songs from a skilled, inspired musical group is precious, like a diamond from a mine.

Tigers and Flies have five people in their post punk, slightly funk, entirely original band and you can hear it. There is more sheer sonic energy in the performance. A brass section replete with trumpets and trombones does that. People like me don't use the term "ska" lightly...the band isn't confined to that genre...and the ska-type sound gives them more options, leading to fresher, more entertaining audio fare without the slightly limited onus of, well, you know, being a ska band.

Tigers and Flies kicking ass (acoustically) with brass!

Something to be aware of while enjoying these new tracks is that the group released the EP themselves. This means everything you hear on the splendid new creation Tigers and Flies composed is exactly what they wanted, free from corporate control or unnecessary, profit obsessed interference. They are proud of their punk rock Manchester, UK roots, including the creative freedom that city's music scene espouses.

"Adaptive Release" is the first song. The band could certainly start a show with this one. The opening has an adventurous quality leading to a punk beat and riotous vocals. Listen for the little touches background instruments bring to this piece. They are easy to miss. Detailed musical flourishes like that reveal some real composing genius.

Following is "Margate Itch." This took three good listening sessions before I could describe the song. The brass wails as the beat keeps the pace nicely. An inventive bassline holds it all together. Solid guitarwork and confident drums keep you interested throughout. The vocals are particularly cool, too. It's surprising to find a rock singer who understands variation, making the third song as smart as it is energetic.

A band so damn happy it's infectious in a fun, not medical way.

The next track, named "Compact Risk," is different than the others in many ways, including vocalizations that jump from conversational to serenading. The POV of the songwriting makes it stand out, as well as an opening that avoids the usual drum or guitar playing for something more original that ends up being a satisfying leitmotiv. It's not just a few minutes of music...the song's a journey for your ears.

The finale from the EP is "Walk in a Straight Line." This song is complicated in a fun way. Expect an audio odyssey with this one. It's hard in places, progressive in others, riotous by the end, with a punk party atmosphere worth hearing many times. The new brass instrumentals propel the piece after a strong start thanks to a jaunty beat complimented by soaring lyrics and clever guitarwork. Don't let the funky bassline distract you. It's a deep song, with poetic power.

My humble advice is to get your ears acquainted with the EP Tigers and Flies created for experienced fans and new listeners thanks to Nervous Entertainment ASAP. Good, honest music is as rare as a red emerald in these chaotic times. Your ears deserve the best. Without them, what would you listen to? Nothing. Give them the kind of songs collector's covet. The new EP by Tigers and Flies qualifies. The release date is 05/04/2024. Don't forget it.

Behold, the new EP in all it's glory!

Here is their facebook can find out more about Tigers and Flies if you peruse it. 

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Their last album, Among Everything Else, can be found at this site if you follow this wonderful link.

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