Recycled Rock N Roll

Recycled Rock N Roll

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mikey Mo the MC - Music

     I propose that if gangster rap is hip-hop's right wing, political activism is it's left. Artists like Public Enemy, Zion-I and Roots Riley from the Coup all use music as a medium to deliver a rallying cry for justice and social change. Mikey Mo the MC is a Bay Area hip-hop musician who is a part of this proud heritage.  
     While political hip-hop has been done before, the Bay Area has always done it a little bit better. Mikey Mo's latest album, Rule By Decree, is a perfect example of how potent hip-hop can be when it's used to promote social activism.
      "Freedom Ain't Free" is Mikey Mo's personal message about getting involved and getting out the vote. "The track is a politically driven song about making it in this world,” explains Mikey. “Everything has a price—even freedom!"

     Mikey isn't afraid to points out some of the more negative aspects of America in his album including widespread government surveillance, increasing political corruption and the continual threats to our civil rights, rising trends that concern Americans on the left and the right.
     Other tracks on the album discuss important social issues like our countries current flawed economic system and it's gross misappropriation of wealth, an issue so alarming it's become a platform of Obama's 2012 presidential campaign
     The album's production is courtesy of Sanabria, one of Latin America's greatest modern producers. A native of Venezuela, his collaboration with Mikey Mo is a perfect fusion of talents, when you consider Latin America's turbulent political history and it's own struggles for freedom.

     Latin America's hip-hop scene is extremely competitive. The country is seething with talent, and Sanabria has worked with the best of them, including notable performers such as DJ Kane & Ricky Rick, NK Profeta and Rekeson.

     Rule By Decree will be available on September 20, 2011. 

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