Recycled Rock N Roll

Recycled Rock N Roll

Thursday, June 13, 2024

L.A. Underground Hip Hop Veteran Blu Collaborates on COLAMP - Music


    COLAMP is a shortened, blended, slang of "Cold Lamp," which is itself a reference to the single "Cold Lampin' With Flavor" by the beyond legendary Public Enemy. To "cold lamp" is to, well, listen to the song and decide for yourself. Like many lyrics composed by Flavor Flav, the term is open to interpretation. I see it as a combination of staying cold (Flavor Flav is in a vehicle with air conditioning when referencing the song), chilling out, being aware, and looking good. 

It did. They couldn't. 

    Blu blew up with his 2007 album "Below the Heavens," where he teamed up with Exile, a producer you'd better recognize. Now his team includes COLAMP, Katie Burke and Relic Fox, who is also a member of KDT's band ElephantBird. The end result of this proud partnership is "Buggin." It's a solid impact of single, featuring the audio explosion of talent you can expect from such a combination. There will be a YouTube link to the single after this blog post. You'll notice there is animation to go with the video, a visionary choice that gives "Buggin" a timeless, endearing quality. 

Still playing, performing, composing and creating. Good talent doesn't quit.

    The information isn't about to end. COLAMP is Emcee Nathan Nice, producer KDT Produced It, and DJ's Arbs & Breeze, a band of serious music professionals described as a "modern Golden-Era hip-hop group" by magazines that know what they are writing about. "Buggin" doesn't just have Blu involved, as mentioned before artists Katie Burke and Relic Fox also showed up to party, making the single a piece of history you don't want your ears to miss, courtesy of Veronique Records.


    "Buggin" is a song dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Month and all the people who suffer from mental disorders that are trying to live their lives without being victimized or being seen as victims. Societies have stigmatized mental disorders for centuries, and even today people with such problems are perceived as being dangerous, pariahs, or worse. Institutions imprison, drug and torture patients instead of rehabilitating them, and the streets are populated by homeless people with psychological trauma that should have been helped a long time ago.

KDT looking cool, confident, good and ready. 

    KDT's own mother took her own life in 1983 because of her personal mental illness, and the artist himself deals with having a genuine bipolar 1 disorder. This gives the song "Buggin" more personal personality than your typical rap song bragging about money and power. Blu's rap shares his experience dealing with a short term mental health difficulty that hurt him in the past, while Nathan Nice delivers a moving rap sharing his perspective as a good, close friend who is trying to help. 
Blu's rap lifts "Buggin" to a new, sentimental level with skill and respect.

    If "Buggin" is any indication, KDT's next production TAPE is going to be an album necessary to any proper collection. He has chosen winners for the dream team on TAPE, which features Anacron, The Lvxes, Ill Se7en, DJ Gilatine, Drew Anthuny and Life Rexall. Check out the song on YouTube. Enjoy the animation. It's all well worth hearing/watching, and the cause it's supporting is good indeed. 

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