Recycled Rock N Roll

Recycled Rock N Roll

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Pyncher's New Single is a Hit - Music


If you peruse this website carefully, you'll notice that I have interviewed at least more than five very successful musicians/bands that have created timeless music, like Digitalism, Imagine Dragons, Bone-Thugs-n-Harmony, Mac Miller, Steve Aoki and others. So it has been said by wise elders in the industry that this writer understands what good music is. That's probably why, according to this website, I'm rich!

This website lies so bad that not only does it lack an ass, it's pants are very much on fire.

With this on the brain we ponder, why listen to Pyncher? Who are they? What do they want? How do they sound? Should we fear them? I was terrified of what would happen, if my ears didn't experience Pyncher. You just can't sit around in your house, all alone, listening to bands like The Misfits, Agent Orange, The Cramps, Black Flag, Dead Kennedy's, Sonic Youth, and Black Market Baby. It's demoralizing.

Pyncher, keeping it real.

One must experience either new music, or inevitable entropy. That's the truth. I knew a guy once that just listened to old Soundgarden albums until he morphed into a stained, slightly damaged Styrofoam litter bucket full of dented cans of Coors Lite beer. It was disconcerting. Personal evolution means answering your email to hear more mighty musical majesty, at least for me. New music helps us transcend old consciousness.

Pyncher rocks.

"Dirty Feet," a brand new single by Pyncher that they will release this Friday, reminds me of The Beatles. Woah! Calm down! What I mean is that the reason we keep listening to that band is because they had figured out a killer formula: each song The Beatles made is actually three songs. That was their secret. Pyncher utilizes that same power in their new, ferocious single that is an audio odyssey worthy of the ears of Oddyseus.

Like a fine film with three acts, "Dirty Feet" goes beyond the usual formula to tell a story. The song starts fast with a howl that could make Alan Ginsberg happy, introduces background feedback throbbing with sonic power, electrifies with drippy, surf-worthy guitar licks that would make Dick Dale cry, and suddenly stops to cruise across semi-familiar landscapes of fast audio adventure, only to transform again, evolving into a final crescendo worth 4 mintues and 23 seconds of your good time.

Pyncher is a solid rock band from Manchester in the United Kingdom, where Britain comes from. I had the honor of getting some words from the band about their new tour de force single. "I write the main foundation of each song," says Sam, who plays guitar and supplies vocals. "Harvey plays lead guitar, Jack plays drums, and Britt bass." Time and work went into this creation. "I wrote the riff in July and it sat there over the summer. Everything else I did just before we had a rehearsal."

"Then as we do with most of our songs, Harvey, Britt and Jack added their bits. I had the vocals done for the verse but the chorus was a matter of trying new things in rehearsal until I got what I wanted." This craftsmanship shows. Epic songs have layers hiding dimensions. "I started the lyrics with a story in mind, but I don't know what's happened to that. There's a story somewhere in the song. I'm not too sure about the meaning."

Music is personal, even for the listener. It's OK to hear a song and decide it's meaning is different for you than it is for others. Sam knows. "I like to write with ambiguity as I intend on people all having different ideas of what they could mean. More often than not, the music comes first and then I'll take lots of listens to the demo or recording before the lyrics are there."

"Dirty Feet" will please fans of Pyncher that have been looking forward to a new single which has everything we enjoy about the music they play. It's hard to earn the mad skills necessary to be damn good. Harder still to combine so much genius properly into one audio creation that features them all. "A couple of our songs are written around some lyrics I've got and that's always a bit harder for me, but fun." Sounds awesome to all of us. Play it again, Sam.

You can check out more of Pyncher's majestic music right here:

"Dirty Feet" will not be released to the general pubic until Friday. The presave link is right here:

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