Recycled Rock N Roll

Recycled Rock N Roll

Monday, January 28, 2019

Erin Lampart - Comedy

A very smart person once said that in America politics are downstream from culture. I would like to add that stand up comedy is even closer to the source. By the time you see a famous stand up comedian do a one hour special on television or Netflix you are seeing an end result. They have gone too far down the river, and they are not telling The Truth. That's why you have to see great performers like Erin Lampart to understand how people really feel about life right now.

Live stand up comedy is 300% more awesome when you see it in the flesh compared to film, TV or the Internet. I interview unique comedians that I've seen IRL like Lampart because she is the future. Performers like her and other comedians I've interviewed and admire from the Los Angeles area like Matt Ingebretson, Barbara Gray, and Dave Ross are the people you should check out now because they are the current cutting edge of cool with ideas, jokes, talent and stories that will inform, as well as entertain, all of us for many more decades. 
In a town like Hollywood, being pretty, smart and tough isn’t always enough, but a sense of humor can give you the edge to cut past the competition. Erin Lampart has these qualities, as well as a personal style that is “…kind of dark, a little dirty…I like to be weird. I like to do silly things.” Her material includes concepts like work, dating and family, infused with a twist that is as sardonic as it is comedic. “I guess a lot of times I take bad things that have happened and turn them into comedy. I like putting sunshine into the gray.”

Lampart rocks the mic.

Although originally from New York, her family moved to Pennsylvania, she says, “…after a series of unfortunate events. I’m sassy but still a country girl.” Lampart started performing for a living after taking summer acting jobs when she was 11 years old. “I was always a theater kid.” After growing up one day the talented lady had enough of, “…daydreaming at a country club and moved to L.A. I started doing Second City Improv, but it wasn’t until I saw Rory Scovel perform that I decided to do stand up. I was single and alone, so I had plenty of time.”

Aside from being a successful comedian, she is also a seasoned film and television actress. Lampart has starred in an as of yet unreleased independent horror film, a yet-to-be named but soon-to-be-released Comedy Central series, a television series called “GayCare,” and in the documentary 100 Jokes, where she expertly performed the role of herself. She feels that film is certainly easier than stand up. “I love taking direction. I’m into details and I listen very well. With stand up you have complete control. You can do what you want.”

Lampart acting.

Both mediums call for a performer to quickly actualize an amusing imaginary fantasy by evoking pure emotion and expressing it for a hopefully captivated audience. Lampart uses the same process for her signature stand up comedy. “There’s more emotion. More pain. When I am onstage really going for it, my performance has exhaustion and frustration.” She knows how to amp herself up in order to make her set more electrifying. The young woman says that before going onstage to do comedy, “Sometimes I’ll just read Yelp reviews about me to get angry.”

But just like the Force in Star Wars, comedy has a dark side, and every comic is aware of it. What’s the worst part, for Lampart? “The constant self doubt. You can keep having great sets until you have a terrible set.” This makes some comics stop, or even quit, paralyzed by the fear of failing. Lampart believes that all artists struggle the same way. “I live with and date a painter. He goes though the same thing.” She still believes that the bright side is worth it. “I love making people laugh. I love making people happy and forget their pain for a little while. I love connecting with people and making them feel good.”

You can see Erin Lampart perform live comedy at Sauce, Fridays at 8 p.m. at DeSanos Pizza, 4959 Santa Monica Blvd., in Los Angeles. ( Feel free to follow her on Twitter at ErinLampart@ThatsSoLampy). Her personal website is also here

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