Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The School of Dank - Cannabis

The School of Dank event in Seattle, Washington is a three-day event brings medical cannabis patients and experts in the field together to discuss growing methods and cultivation techniques. Other topics include cloning, soil preparation and recipes for edibles. There’s even hands-on instruction and glass-blowing demonstrations by local artists.

Presented by Jinxproof and hosted by SubCool, the School of Dank is an event with heart because all proceeds will go to benefitting autistic children. Last year’s 2011 School of Dank, also presented by Jinxproof, brought in $13,000 to help autistic children and their families living in the Pacific Northwest of America.

SubCool, author of The Dank and The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana, is also legendary for his many strains that have won awards all around, including The Void, Deep Purple, Agent Orange and more. Many of his strains have ended up in the pages of High Times. How did this legend in the field of cannabis botany end up teaching at the School of Dank?

“I found out that Jinxproof, had a child who was autistic,” SubCool says. “When I ended up talking to him, I learned a lot about their day-to-day struggles and how difficult it is to raise autistic children.”
In addition to conversations with Jinxproof, he also met a lot of other parents with children who also suffered from autism. Their first-hand testimony made him realize how important his teachings were. “I’ve read letters, notes and referrals from people telling stories about what it’s like to deal with the economic challenges they face," he says.

Taken as an edible or in the form of a tincture, cannabis is cheaper and safer than the pharmaceuticals whose side effects are sometimes worse than the symptoms. SubCool is proud of the fact he’s saving hard-working parents from losing money they don’t have for chemicals that don’t work.
 “I met one woman who had really bad arthritis. When I showed her how to make her own tincture she was able to save money and grow her own medicine,” He says. “I’ve always enjoyed being a guest speaker, so when they invited me to teach other people I was honored.”
While SubCool is best known for his books and strains, he’s almost famous for his YouTube show, “The Weed Nerd.” Each bi-weekly episode features recipes, advice and more. SubCool’s incisive logic, humorous attitude and straightforward teachings are worth watching every episode for, but despite the breadth of his knowledge the man remains humble. “It’s just me getting high and talking about weed. It’s really mind-blowing how I’ve gotten 1.6 million hits on YouTube for just hanging out and acting like an idiot.”

Jinxproof is proud that this year’s event will feature even more glass blowing panels, tutorials and demonstrations that the year before. “Bob Snodgrass is going to be here, and he’s a legendary glass blower from Portland, Oregon.”

In addition to some of the most gorgeous glasswork you’ve ever wanted to lay your lips on, the School of Dank will also feature games, raffles, auctions, bong pong and more. Jinxproof and SubCool have spent the last year preparing, and the one thing they don’t want to do is host an event that feels cheap.

“I won’t name names, but there are a lot of for-profit cannabis events that just end up being a bunch of people in a room smoking pot,” Jinxproof says. “There should always be some sort of goal in mind, whether it is to educate people about cannabis or to teach them how to grow it.”


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