Recycled Rock N Roll

Recycled Rock N Roll

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daniel B., Nothing But Noise, and Not Bleeding Red - Music

My blog has gotten bigger and bloggier. This is a good thing, but the specter of monetizing hangs over everything, chilling my rosy prospects of not running ads with the cold reality of what the future will bring.

What I mean is, I'm getting 500+ hits a day from all over the world, so now I have to do something like sell ad space and that's a real drag. I appreciate everyone showing up here so you can certainly expect me to spruce up the place and makes sure it's worth showing up for.

As for running ads, I'm certainly not going to put pop-ups on my blog or those irritating hyperlinks that appear like ninjas and force you to go to some weird site where you just know the Russian Mob's best hackers are lurking, waiting to break into your bank account through your email when you hit the button that says, "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO LEAVE THIS SITE?"

Realistically it's probably just going to be something non-intrusive, like a Paypal donation button. Later, my real goal is to only run ads for music companies, films, games and other, similar websites. Shoot, you'd click on a link to the new Thor flick, right? 

Some of you great people have already noticed that I was posting quite a bit, and then suddenly I slowed down. What happened? I'll tell you. My computer got sick on me. It just kept dropping dead, and I lost megabytes of information.

I couldn't figure out what it was. The processor? The motherboard? The graphics card? The OS? It drove me crazy, no, wait, past crazy, I remember at one point I thought to myself, "Dear Lord, if I had a .38 Rossi I would put a bullet in the monitor and a bullet in the tower, just to be sure."

It's called the total geek double-tap.

Eventually, the computer died and I ended up replacing the power supply and then finally refurbishing my entire system. Screw it, I'd lost enough time and work, so it's time to invest.

The fact that it was the power supply really made me feel lame. God, it was like falling for the old electric joy buzzer gag. How did I not figure it out? It was easiest thing, but by the time my small brain put all the clues together, I had already re-installed Windows XP (Vista is the Mark of the Beast) and ran my virus checker twice.

Now I have two computers, side-by-side, and one of them is running Linux Mint 11 so I'm set. They are both connected to a backup server. If one dies, the other is there to take over so no matter what, I can finish that article. 

So that's one reason why the writing slowed. Second, I'm an actor so there's been auditions, callbacks and acting, so my other career, writing, has suffered a bit. It's a good thing...every actor wants to be busy...but it's also a bad thing because the blog suffered for it.

A final reason is that I started working for ReGen Magazine. My first article with them is up, a ReView of Daniel B.'s new album, Not Bleeding Red by Nothing but Noise. I had a great time talking to Daniel B., who is one of the original members of Front 242. He's like the Roy Orbison of industrial. 

But the bad news is that I can't post it here. ReGen Magazine is paying me the big bucks so I'm fine with following the rules, which means that I have to post a link to the article instead of putting a copy on my blog. Here's the article, I hope you like it. Once my InterView with Daniel B. goes up on their website, I'll post a link to it there, too.

ReGen Magazine is a solid website and the editor really knows what he's doing. All the industrial/electronica information you could want is on that site, so now you know where to go for all of your mechanical musical needs. 

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